Dear Students,

Our computer engineering bachelor degree programme is "European-Accredited Engineering bachelor Degree Programme". 

Accreditation was performed by MUDEK ( association in Turkey, and approved by the president of ENAEE (European Network for Accreditation of Engineering Education). Therefore, our computer engineering program is a EUR-ACE labelled programme.


You can visit the following MUDEK website to see our department's accreditation.


Also, you can check the following link of ENAEE to see accreditation.


Benefits are shown in the following link

and shown as follows:


What are the benefits of EUR-ACE®?

The EUR-ACE® system is internationally recognised and facilitates both academic and professional mobility.

Benefits for students & engineering graduates 

  • Assurance that the EUR-ACE®labelled programme meets high European and international standards and is recognised by employers in Europe
  • Facilitates application to EUR-ACE® Master and doctoral programmes in other Higher Education Institutions
  • In countries where the engineering profession is regulated, EUR-ACE®labelled programmes meet the educational requirements for becoming a Registered or chartered engineer.
  • The EUR-ACE® label facilitates graduate mobility as promoted by the EU Directive on Recognition of Professional Qualification.
  • The EUR-ACE® label is the educational standard for the professional card as promoted by FEANI.
  • FEANI automatically includes EUR-ACE® labelled programmes in its Index which lists educational requirements for the Eur Ing title.

For Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) the EUR-ACE® label 

  • Is an additional verification of high quality engineering education– it meets the quality standards set by the engineering profession
  • Provides an incentive for prospective students to choose a EUR-ACE® labelled programme
  • Provides reliable information on the quality of First Cycle programmes for admission to Second Cycle programmes
  • Provides reliable information on the quality of Second Cycle programmes for admission to doctoral programmes


Benefits for employers

Successful completion of a EUR-ACE® labelled programme assures:

  • Candidates’ knowledge, understanding and practical capabilities meet international standards in engineering education
  • Consistency with recognised international educational standard descriptors such as the ECTS Diploma Supplement
  • Reliable verification of the high quality of the engineering degree programme of candidates, (above the generic minimum standards set by law), as well as relevance to the engineering profession.